Women are turning away from expensive facelifts in favour of using filters on their mobiles to enhance their looks, plastic surgeons claim

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Women have learned to avoid going under the knife. Now it is much easier to do this and still remain beautiful in photos. Now let’s tell you what the secret is.

In today’s technological age, who needs a plastic surgeon to look great? Not on the screen anyway…

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It’s right! Many women have found out the tricks to long-lasting beauty “short” and they can easily show the world how pretty they are with a little help from their device.

Women have become less likely to use the services of plastic surgeons! A facelift is done 2 times less often.

The secret is in the capabilities of our mobile phones. Modern women choose to digitally improve their appearance, according to plastic surgeons.

Instagram Facebook or Snapchat ladies prefer to use apps or pre-installed filters on their phones to post their photos on social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

“People can now improve their appearance without surgery. We call this new method “filter work,” said plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover.

Women are less likely to use plastic surgery to lift their faces or raise their foreheads by 30%. Eyelid surgery was reduced by 20%. But there is a popular plastic procedure – a breast augmentation. Women prefer to increase their breast size. Breast augmentation operations were performed 7% more often.