Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery | Nose Job, To fix Teeth veneers, Botox, Hair Transplant

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery | Nose Job, To fix Teeth veneers, Botox, Hair Transplant

Ryan Reynolds plastic surgery

Who is Ryan Reynolds

I think everyone seen one of the best Ryan’s movies called – Deadpool. Due to this role he has received tons of nominations – including nomination for Golden Globe Award. And imagine – it happened despite the fact that half of the movie he was wearing a mask and without mask he has been very ugly (bald, scars everywhere – wow)

He obviously looks way different in real life, no scars, no receding hairline, totally nothing like his Movie character, but! It wasn’t always this way. You see, way before his movie career he had totally different characteristics – for example, he had different nose and if you look on his old photos – you can clearly see that he rhinoplasty surgery. Not only that, though. Many people also speculate that he had some work done on his chin and while there is no clear evidence or records about this…If you look at his photos once again, you might get some hints!

But anyway, there are tons of speculations about that. So we gonna take a closer look on Ryan in our article since we have his photos from before. And also we forgot to mention that Ryan possible had hair transplantation because it’s clearly seen that he has receding hairline on some of his old photos, but nowadays his hair looks gorgeous and stylish!

Ryan Reynolds Before And After Photos

ryan reynolds butt

Anyway in following article you will see tons of different photos from Ryan’s life including his pre-movies photos and photos after his most successful movies. We have plenty of stuff to cover, so stay tuned!

Ryan Had A Hair Transplant?

Time for our photos!

Our first photo is leading back to 1999 just a year after Ryan’s role in Two Guys and A girl ( sitcom show ). On this it’s already seen that he has hair loss. At that time he was only 23 years old and it’s somewhat rare that someone started to lose hair at such young age, but despite that just a few years later ( in 2003 ) his hair magically got back! Not only his bald spots are now covered in hair, but they also became way more thicker than before.

ryan reynolds hair transplantPhoto Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison


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Judging by this it’s possible that Ryan had at least two procedures called FUE and FUT which he has gone through in this 4-year gap ( between 1999 and 2003 ) . We can clearly say that whoever did those procedures to him is simply amazing. Since his hair looks natural and great, however it’s not a permanent fix and as you can on photo below ( taken in 2017 ) Ryan’s hair started to fall-off again, but considering how much time passed it’s still great that he managed to stay with his new hair for that long!

Ryan Have Hair Transplant

Did Ryan fix his male baldness?

It is quite possible that Ryan will undergo hair thinning at a relatively young age and judging by the photos above, we have good reason to believe that he may have had an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) somewhere between those years. What do you think?

reynolds plastic surgery las vegasImage Credit: Getty

Over the years, we’ve seen Ryan’s hairline take a dive and then go back up. This is him in 2017 and it seems that his head starting thin again. I can’t say the same to his beard…
That is why it is important to understand that hair transplant surgery is not a permanent solution. There is a good chance that after a few years your transplanted hair will fall out again.

Ryan Reynolds teeth

Aside from hair it’s clearly seen that Ryan has a few problems with teeth when he was young, however it wasn’t that bad and he probably fixed it by wearing dental braces and other stuff

We also don’t rule out that Ryan improved his smile with the installation of veneers.

Has Ryan Reynolds Ever Had A Nose Job

 ryan reynolds nose job

Now the biggest question: Has Ryan Ever Had a nose job? We mentioned it above and stated that it’s a possibility since his nose looks somewhat different, but was it plastic surgery or just him getting more mature? We think it’s latter. We thing this way because at young age his nasal and nose bridge were thicker, but such change might appear over the ages.

If you look on your own old photos you might notice same difference!

So, in our opinion, Ryan NEVER had a rhino surgery

More Information About Ryan Reynolds:

  • Real Name: Ryan Rodney Reynolds
  • D. d. n.: October 23, 1976
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Place Of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
  • Profession: Actor, Voice Actor, Film Producer
  • Net Worth: $ 65 Million
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Race / Ethnicity: Irish
  • Relationship: Married To Blake Lively
  • Children: James Reynolds, Ines Reynolds
  • Size: 1.88 m (6 pi 2 PO)
  • Weight: 86kg (190 lbs)
  • Body Built: Muscular
  • Chest size: 45in (114 cm)
  • Arm size (biceps): 15in (38cm)
  • Waist Size: 32in (81 cm)
  • Shoe size: 10.5 (us)
  • Natural Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Hazel


Considering everything we had stated in our article. It’s possible and very likely that Ryan had a few cosmetic procedures in his life. It’s clearly seen that some job has been done on his hair in order for him to not become a bald guy. His surgeon apparently did an amazing job and thanks to him Ryan’s hair looks very great!

Ryan also had problems with teeth and you can clearly see some gaps in between on his old photos, but nothing very serious. He fixed this issue and now can show us his amazing smile!

As for nose – there is almost no evidence about him having any job on that one, because the only difference lies in thickness of his nose in some areas, aside from that it’s the same nose

Long story short – nowadays Ryan looks amazing and has many great features. He doesn’t have problems with his skin and apparently taking care of himself very thorough. We don’t know if he will resort to some big operations in the future, but we can say that he has many years ahead of him!