Ozzy Osbourne Revealed When Sharon First Got Her Breast Implants

The Prince of darkness has seen it all.

So it wouldn’t surprise him if his wife Sharon wanted a new chest.

It was 2005, and the hard rocker was pretty cool.

“She’s tall. She just had Newt * ts. They just got made. I have to wait and see what happens. I hope they only put two of them there because there isn’t enough room (in the house) with the dogs already.”

I think this husband has been very cooperative given the number of surgeries Sharon has undergone. Or maybe it’s just a restricted area.
Remember, Sharon’s a tough one too.

Of course, you might think; who wouldn’t want a pretty woman?

The truth is, a lot of men don’t like fake boobs (at least my man doesn’t).

But then, when I read about the stress, pain and suffering Ozzy and her family were under during the era of her reality show, something started clicking.

“At first, when I started doing “The Osbournes”, It was very fun. And then things started to happen like my kids couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t handle it, my wife got sick with cancer.”
Of course, it’s old news.

But maybe some men can learn a thing or two from Ozzy on appreciation, be supportive, and just be there for your wife no matter what.

Now, that’s the kind of love to envy about.