Dove Cameron and Plastic Surgery. Did it Happen?


dove cameron plastic surgery

Dove Cameron is an amazing actress who’s known for many shows including Marvel’s Rising, Liv and Maddle and many more. She is also a singer who performs amazing songs across the world. She is incredibly beautiful and talented and due to that, she has many fans.

Despite her incredible success – many people still believe that she had a plastic surgery at some point of her life. In opinion of some fans she looks good because of her nose job and possible breast augmentations.

dove cameron before plastic surgery

It’s pretty arguable if you think about it, but whatever she has fake boobs or some work done or her nose – you can’t really deny her amazing talent. In our opinion she is more than just boobs!

dove cameron boobs

dove cameron before surgery

dove cameron butt

Aside from comedy drama and various tv-series, she’s done plenty of work on various movies like “Descendants” and also she made her own songs like “Count Me In “ or  “On Top Of The World”. And that being only in her 20s. She is really pushing the borders pretty far at such a young age!

At any rate – in this article, we will discuss if she has gone through some surgical work or not

So let’s not waste time and jump in!

Before & After Photos

dove cameron before surgery

The best way to understand the possibility of her going through surgeons is to check her old and new photos.

Check photos we’ve found below!

Nose Job and Dove Cameron

dove cameron nose job

Many people will agree that Dove’s nose is one of her most noticeable and recognizable features. Her nose is very specific and unique that’s why a lot of people believe that she has gone through some procedures to make it look this way. In her earlier photos, you might noticed that she had larger nasal bridge.

Aside form that she had a hump on her nose bridge bone now it’s reduced. In our opinion, she did a few corrections to make her nose look more “in shape”, however! In our opinion that tip of hers is one of those parts, she had never “corrected” on the surgeon’s table.

Possible Lip Injections?

dove cameron lip injections

If you look at past Dove’s photos you can say that her face shape looks way slimmer nowadays, but for some reason, her lips looks more “full. It might be a makeup choice, but some effects cannot be achieved through simple makeup.

Over the past year people talked about her possibly having injections to make lips look more plump. In our opinion it’s true.

Fake boobs? Dove and Breast implants

dove cameron 2015

Many fans are pretty vocal about Dove’s getting an increase in her bra size. Such stuff is not really new across Hollywood, but let’s face it: She is pretty young and her chest can still grow by itself. In our opinion – her boobs looks pretty natural. Especially if you look at her cleavage in many different photos.

dove cameron bra size

The only thing we can confirm is that she likes to wear push up clothing in order to make boobs looks bigger. Considering all this info – we gonna declare that her boobs are pretty much real!

Teeth Job

dove cameron teeth

In the following photos, it’s clearly seen that Dove had some bad teeth (crooked ones, uneven ones – you name it). Not to mention that some of her side teeth were really uneven compared to her frontal ones. However, nowadays they have a similar size and we can confirm that she worked on her teeth.

Dove’s Beauty Transformation

dove cameron lips

Anyway, anyone can agree that Dove looks amazing and some of her features changed throughout the years, however – we gonna take a close look on her other features such as hair, make up, eyes, and tons of others. It’s quite possibly that we’ve missed something!

Early Days

Dove Cameron quedó impactada al conocer a su gemela perdida

Source: Instagram@dovecameron

Here you can see a very rare picture from Dove’s very young age. She is playing in the swimming pool. She looks cute, but you can also see that she had a blonde hair from an early age!


Source: Pinterest

You can also notice that at the age of 6 her chin was already sharp and her nose started to form right here!

The year 2008

dove cameron no makeup

Source: Reddit

On this picture, you can Dove during her days of performing her own first leading role in “The Secret Garden”. This picture made us think of her possible nose job, you can totally see the thickness of some parts of her nose here.

The year 2011


Source: Twitter

You can see that here she has way more meat on her face and her jawline looks way more wide than nowadays. At this age, she wasn’t fat, but a bit more chubby in cheeks.

According to various source she used to be bullied a lot in her school days, but we don’t think it’s due to her “weight”. We think it has more to do with her being a “small frame” more than anything.

The year 2012


Credit: Getty Images

This was the year Dove cast and won the role of Liv and Maddie Rooney. Here she arrives at the Variety’s 6th Annual Power of Youth Event in Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Just look how pretty her eyes are with those lovely eyelashes. At least we know she didn’t need any double eyelid surgery for sure.

The year 2013

dove cameron before and after

Credit: Getty Images

Here she was attending the Disney Channel Kids Upfront Event at the Hudson Theatre in New York City. At this age, her jawbone still looks a little too wide compared to her current day’s jaw. We think she did some jaw reduction later on. As you can see – her boobs developed at this age.

The year 2014

Dove Cameron Nasty Gal Melrose Store Launch 02

Photo Credit: Getty

Posing for the Scott Gries Portrait Session in Planet Hollywood, Dove’s face shape looks visibly sharper compare to most of her earlier photos. There might be various reasons for that, but we think it’s either weight loss or some cosmetic procedures to make her face looks more refined and sharp.

By this time it doesn’t seem that she has a chin implant or anything.

The year 2015

Dove Cameron 2015 Thirst Gala 12

Photo Credit: Getty

On this photo Dove arrives at the special party of Just Jared wearing an amazing yellow dress which clearly points out her amazing legs!

The year 2016

rs 600x600 170911192137 600.Dove .091117

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Dove attends the 2016 Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Awards looking absolutely stunning.

Here you can see that her boobs looks way bigger than before, but it’s because special pushup bras she loves to wear.

Here you can also see her photo without makeup – she looks absolutely stunning!

The year 2017

dove cameron relationships beliefs hobbies

Image Credit: Getty

Dove is showing off her curves at the Marie Claire’s Image Maker Awards in West Hollywood, LA.  Her butt looks gorgeous here and proportions are very nice considering her very slim waist. We don’t think she had a butt lift or anything. Her shape is probably the result of a diet and workout.

The year 2018

Dove Cameron Marie Claire Image Makers Awards 2018 03

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Here you can Dove at Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. She looks absolutely stunning here as well, but you can clearly see that her lips looks more full here! That made us believe that she had lip injections in the first place!

The year 2019


More Information About Dove Cameron:

  • Real Name: Chloe Celeste Hosterman
  • Birthday: 15th of January, 1996
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: Austrian, French, German, English, Scottish
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Voice Actor
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Relationship: Dating with Thomas Doherty
  • Children: None
  • Height: 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
  • Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Body Measurement: 33-24-32 Inches
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Blonde
  • Natural Eye Color: Green


After analyzing many photos of Dove. We think she had a few procedures on her face.

She is totally gone through teeth correction, nose job, and lip injection. If this is true – her surgeon made an amazing job, because Dove looks stunning and hot!

In terms of boobs – we still think it’s just pushup effects rather than some sort of augmentation. At any rate – Dove is an amazing actress with tons of talent and a hot body. It’s clearly seen that she really worked hard to achieve her success!

What is your opinion about that?

Do you think she really had some surgery?

Maybe we’ve missed something?

Let us know in the comment section!